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Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory

Buyers and sellers of private businesses, public companies divesting their divisions or subsidiaries, and entrepreneurs seeking liquidity or growth capital know that they can rely on the transaction advisory services of Southard Financial.

  • Our transactional expertise is supported by extensive relationships with strategic and private-equity investors, venture capital firms, institutional investors, commercial banks, and finance companies.
  • We have assisted sales of small and middle-market companies to financial and strategic buyers, including identification of acquisition candidates for buyers.
  • Additional engagements include industry consolidations, roll ups, financing, refinancing, recapitalization, mergers, and acquisitions.

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Liquidity Alternatives

Southard Financial specializes in providing liquidity alternatives for business owners. Options include 100% sale to financial or strategic buyers, sale of minority interest to financial buyers, or minority recapitalization with subordinated and/or senior debt. We can help you evaluate long-term goals and connect with capital providers who will structure a meaningful transaction for all parties.

Services for Buyers

Investors, financial buyers, and strategic buyers turn to Southard Financial to help them find, evaluate, and acquire small- to middle-market companies. We will translate your preferred criteria — target business sectors, sales volume, EBITDA, target countries, etc. — into a profile that can be used to drive a focused acquisition search, and manage the entire acquisition process, including valuation, bid preparation, contract negotiation, and transaction closing.

Services for Sellers

Our transaction advisory group specializes in the representation of middle-market business owners in mergers, acquisitions, refinancing, recapitalization, joint ventures, and partnerships. Whether you are facing a current need or a “once in a lifetime” event, Southard Financial will work to create a positive experience for you while achieving a successful transaction at the maximum possible price.

Southard Financial is here to help with your business appraisal and transaction advisory needs.

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